Year 2

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Aliano and Liam
Enoch and Katherine

Our first Year Two Superstars!

Congratulations to our four very happy students who have worked hard to show they are ready to learn!

The Year Two students have made a great start to the school year with lots of new experiences and fun learning happening. This term we are integrating our learning around the theme of Celebrations. We have looked at the similarities and differences between the Chinese New Year and the Australian New Year.  Next we will be looking at Diwali and of course Birthdays!

The timetable for Term One uniforms is listed below as there have been a couple of changes since the term began.

  • 2B and 2W Sport uniform (coloured shirt) on Tuesdays
  • 2W Sport Uniform (blue shirt) on Wednesdays
  • 2B  Sport Uniform (blue shirt) on Thursdays
Ms Gevaux and Miss Cuccovia

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